Retail Energy Supplier Complaint Reports

FY2021 Complaint Reports

FY2020 Complaint Reports

The Public Service Commission’s Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) receives, investigates and responds to consumer complaints against regulated utility companies and/or gas and electric retail energy suppliers in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations 20.32. CAD investigators act as impartial intermediaries and attempt to resolve disputes. Prior to contacting CAD, the customer must have contacted the company first for investigation and resolution (COMAR If you have a complaint that requires investigation, and you already attempted to resolve your dispute with the company directly, you may file your dispute with CAD at File an Online Complaint.

In addition to investigating complaints, CAD also closely monitors the number and type(s) of complaints received against all regulated utilities and licensed retail energy suppliers. CAD monitors the companies’ activities through the complaints received and data reported.

This page contains statistical reports regarding customer complaints against retail energy suppliers (published quarterly by month beginning with Fiscal Year 2020 data). The information provided in these reports reflects the number and type(s) of complaints filed by customers of retail energy suppliers, as well as the disposition of any closed complaints. These reports are intended to provide raw statistical data regarding individual complaints made against retail energy suppliers that receive three or more complaints in a given month. These reports do not reflect the total number of customers served by a supplier. Additionally, these reports only track initial complaints handled under the first level of the Commission’s dispute process. In some cases, a single complaint against a supplier could involve multiple issues, resulting in a tally greater than the total number of complaint submissions.

When a complaint is closed, a determination is made either in favor of the customer or the supplier. A determination is considered in favor of a customer if the CAD investigator found a specific violation of law, Commission regulation or order. A determination is considered in favor of the supplier if the CAD investigator found no violations. This disposition is reflected in the report. However, if a complaint is still pending when the report is issued, “NA” (not applicable) is indicated.

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Energy Supplier Formal Complaint Cases:

    • Case No. 9613–Staff of the Public Service Commission against SMARTENERGY HOLDINGS d/b/a SMARTENERGY
    • Case No. 9614–Staff of the Public Service Commission against DIRECT ENERGY SERVICES, LLC
    • Case No. 9615–Staff of the Public Service Commission against U.S. GAS & ELECTRIC d/b/a MARYLAND GAS & ELECTRIC and ENERGY SERVICES PROVIDERS, INC. d/b/a MARYLAND GAS & ELECTRIC
    • Case No. 9617–Staff of the Public Service Commission against SMART ONE ENERGY, LLC (Order No. 89219: August 2, 2019)
    • Case No. 9624–Staff of the Public Service Commission against ATLANTIC ENERGY MD LLC
    • Case No. 9647–Complaint of the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel against SUNSEA ENERGY, LLC