Notice to Payphone Service Providers

March 1, 2024

As a result of Order No. 76882 in Case No. 8822, The Commission requires all Payphone Service Providers (PSPs) to register and provide a complete list of their payphones.  Once registered, PSPs must file a Report with the Commission listing information about each active payphone owned and operated by the PSP on an annual basis.  The reporting date is April 1st of each calendar year.


Our records indicate that you are a PSP operating in the State of Maryland.  If this is correct and there have been no changes, please certify the attached registration and return it to our office by April 29, 2024.  If you have not registered in the past, it is imperative that you do so during this registration period.  If your registration is not returned by April 29, 2024, the Commission will direct that your payphone(s) be disconnected by the local phone company providing your dial tone.


The registration form will re-certify that the appropriate certification/authorization has been obtained from the appropriate government entity, property owner or lessee for placement of each payphone in Maryland.  If there are no additions or deletions, please complete page one only.  You do not have to list phone numbers that have been previously submitted.


For your convenience, you may re-register and provide the payphone list electronically via our website ( where an excel document is available for submission via email.


If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the registration of coin-operated telephones, please contact me via email at




Kathleen DeBolt

Management Associate




IMPORTANT NOTICE: In addition to re-registering you must pay any outstanding Commission assessment, if appropriate.  Failure to both register and pay any outstanding assessment will result in the Commission directing the appropriate local exchange company to disconnect telephone service to your payphones.