Maryland Smart Grid

BGE, Pepco, Delmarva, and SMECO have started to roll out the first phase of what is planned to evolve into a “smart grid” throughout the state. The first phase is the installation of “smart meters” on homes and businesses, which allow for two-way communication between electric meters and the utility companies.  As the installation of smart meters and the communication systems expands across the utility’s service territory, the utilities will begin the second phase of the smart grid by offering programs and services that could assist their customers in saving energy and money.

Smart Grid

A “smart grid” is a modernized electrical grid that uses information and communications technology to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers, in an automated fashion to improve the efficiency and reliability of the production and distribution of electricity.


For more information on the Smart Grid, click on the link below:

U.S. Department of Energy – Smart Grid Information

For more information about your utility’s Smart Grid vision, see the following links:

BGE’s Smart Grid Information

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Delmarva’s Smart Grid Information

SMECO’s Smart Grid Information

Smart Meter

Smart meters are equipped with technology that allows two-way communication between your home or business and your utility company.  Your smart meter will not immediately provide benefits upon installation.  However, over time, as more smart meters are installed and the communications technology is put into place, new features will become available, such as energy budgeting and management tools.

For more information on the utility smart meter roll-outs and enhanced programs and services, please click on the following links:

BGE – Smart Meters, Smart Energy Manager, Smart Energy Rewards

Pepco – Smart Meters, My Account, EnergyWise Rewards

Delmarva – Smart Meters, My Account, Peak Energy Savings Credit

SMECO – Smart Meters

Additional Resources

Maryland Public Service Commission

For more information about the public filings made to the Public Service Commission and Commission decisions, click on the following Case Numbers:

BGE – Case No. 9208

Pepco and Delmarva – Case No. 9207

SMECO – Case No. 9294