Maryland regulations state that “Upon request by a customer and at no charge, the utility shall test the accuracy of the meter serving the customer.” However, a utility is not required to perform a customer-requested meter test more than once during an 18-month period. A meter test may be performed at: (a) The metering location; (b) The utility’s meter shop; or (c) An approved meter shop. Moreover, the customer, or his representative, may be present when the meter is tested. [COMAR and] If you dispute the accuracy of your bill and meter, you should contact your utility first at the number below:

BGE   800-685-0123

PEPCO   202-833-7500

DELMARVA   800-375-7117

POTOMAC EDISON   800-686-0011

SMECO   888-440-3311

WASHINGTON GAS   800-752-7520

If your meter had been tested previously by the utility within the last 18 months, or you are not satisfied with the results of the utility’s meter test, you may make written application to the Commission for a Referee Test pursuant to COMAR for electric or for gas. The regulations state that “Upon written application to the Commission by a customer or a utility, a test will be made of the customer’s meter as soon as practicable by a representative of the Commission.” The charges for a single Referee Test are as follows:

Watt-hour meter ————————————————— $10 (RESIDENTIAL)

Combination watt-hour and demand meter ——————– $20 (COMMERCIAL)

Gas meter ———————————— $10 (RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL)

If you wish to request a Referee Test, please click the following link: