Small Generator Interconnection

On September 26, 2016, the Maryland Public Service Commission initiated Public Conference 44 (PC44) for the purpose of commencing a targeted review to ensure that electric distribution systems in Maryland are customer-centered, affordable, reliable, and environmentally sustainable. To help meet the objective of making interconnecting small generator systems to Maryland’s electric grid feasible for both residential and commercial residents and as smooth as possible, the Commission established the PC44 Interconnection Work Group.

At the direction of the Commission, the PC44 Interconnection Work Group has undergone several phases and attained several key milestones which include revisions to the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). A list of a key milestones attained by the PC44 Interconnection Work Group include:

  1. Energy Storage Integration (Phase I, Phase II)
  2. Interconnection Application Process Automation (Phase I)
  3. Small Generator Facility Size and Streamlined Application Process (Phase I)
  4. Pre-Application Interconnection Reports (Phase I)
  5. Interconnection Queue Requirements (Phase I)
  6. Interconnection Jurisdiction (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV)
  7. Interconnection Application Fees (Phase II)
  8. Locationally Based Upgrade Cost Allocation (Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV, Phase V)
  9. Flexible Interconnection Options (Phase II, Phase V)
  10. Hosting Capacity (Phase II, Phase III, Phase V)
  11. Hosting Capacity Upgrade Plans (Phase II and Phase V)
  12. Smart Inverters (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV)
  13. Utility Monitoring & Control (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV)
  14. Distributed Energy Resource Cybersecurity (Phase IV)
  15. Interconnection Agreements (Phase II)
  16. Interconnection Reporting (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV)
  17. FERC Order No. 2222 Impacts (Phase IV)
  18. Certified and Approved Equipment (Phase V)
  19. Meter Collar Adapters for Interconnection (Phase V)
  20. Power Flow Analysis Improvements (Phase I and Phase V)
  21. Dispute Resolution (Phase V)

PC44 Interconnection Workgroup 

To view comments, final reports,  and details of the Rule Makings (RM) for each phase of the PC44 Interconnection Work Group, please visit the following links:

PC44 Interconnection Work Group PHASE I – RM61

PC44 Interconnection Work Group PHASE IIRM68

PC44 Interconnection Work Group PHASE IIIWork Group Final Report &  Commission Order No 89933 – (No Rule Making)

PC44 Interconnection Work Group PHASE IVRM77

PC44 Interconnection Work Group PHASE VRM81

PHASE VI of the PC44 Interconnection Work Group is currently in progress. For those who wish to become a member of the PC44 Interconnection Work Group, or to be added to the email distribution list, please contact John Borkoski at The PC44 Interconnection Work Group meeting information can be obtained from the Commission’s Work Group Calendar by clicking HERE.

To view Maryland’s most up to date small generator interconnection standards, please click the following link COMAR 20.50.09 Small Generator Interconnection Standards

A short summary of Maryland’s interconnection process can be viewed by clicking the following link Small Generator Interconnection Process Summary

Smart Inverter Standards

As of January 1, 2024, in the State of Maryland, any small generator facility requiring an inverter for which an interconnection is submitted shall use a smart inverter that meets the requirements of IEEE Standard 1547-2018 and UL Standard 1741-SB, or subsequent revisions to these standards. In addition, all newly interconnected smart inverters are required to use Maryland’s state-wide standard settings profile, a utility specific default profile (DU-URP), or a utility site-specific (IA-URP) settings profile which are based on the Hierarchy of Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Requirements & Settings established by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Please click the following link to view Maryland’s Hierarchy of DER Interconnection Requirements & Settings

Hierarchy of DER Interconnection Requirements & Settings

Smart Inverter Settings Profiles for Small Generator Interconnections

Maryland’s Minimum Statewide Default Standard (MSDS) is the least common denominator default standard that applies to every unique electric utility distribution system in the state for both normal and emergency operations, and for every inverter spanning the wide range from small residential installations less than 20 kW to larger utility scale installations exceeding several MWs.

To view Maryland’s MSDS for small generator systems, please click the following link:

Minimum Statewide Default Standard (MSDS)

To download Maryland’s MSDS in EPRI Common File Format, please click the following link:

Maryland’s MSDS EPRI Common File Format

Please direct any questions regarding small generator interconnections or smart inverters to De Andre T. Wilson in the Commission’s Grid Reliability & Modernization Division, at

Looking To File A Small Generator Interconnection Utility Dispute? Click HERE.