Notice Convening a PC and Request for Comments (PC61)

SB 1 Notice

Notice of Heat Emergency (9745)

Heat Emergency Notice

Order on Pepco’s Application for an MYP (9702)

Order No. 91181 Order on Application for a Multi-Year Rate Plan (9702) Appendix A_Commission Revenue Requirement Tab Appendix B_ Staff Comparison Chart

Notice of MEAP Hearing

Notice_Req for Comments RE to MEAP Funding Exhaustion

Notice of SOS Hearings (9056/9064)

Notice of SOS Hearing – Type II SOS Bids (9056) Notice of SOS Hearing – Residential Type I SOS Bids (9064)

2023 Annual Performance Report Review Hearing and Comment Period (9353)

Notice of Hearing & Comment Period (9353)

Request for Utility Contacts

General Notice for Contact Info

IIJA Supplemental Notice of Hearing & Opportunity to Comment (PC56)

Supplemental Notice of Hearing and Comment

Notice of Comment Period (9271)

Notice of Comment Period 9271

Notice of Comment Period (9361)

Notice of Comment Period 9361