The Transportation Division

The Transportation Division enforces the laws and regulations of the Public Service Commission pertaining to the safety, rates, and service of passenger-for-hire transportation companies (i.e. sedan, van, limousine, and motor coach services) operating in intrastate [within Maryland] commerce. The Commission’s jurisdiction extends to most intrastate for-hire passenger carriers by motor vehicle as well as taxicabs in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Charles County, Cumberland and Hagerstown.  The Commission is also responsible for licensing drivers of taxicabs in Baltimore City, Charles County, Cumberland and Hagerstown, and other passenger-for-hire vehicles that carry 15 or fewer passengers.  The Transportation Division monitors the safety of vehicles operated, limits of liability insurance, schedules of operation, rates, and service provided for all regulated carriers.  If problems arise in any of these areas which cannot be resolved at the staff level, the Division requests the institution of proceedings by the Commission which may result in the suspension or revocation of operating authority or permits, or the institution of fines.