More Questions on Enrollment

Below, are several questions you should ask before signing a contract with a retail electricity supplier.

  • Will there be a credit check?
  • Does the credit check cost me any money?
  • What other information must I provide to enroll?
  • Will I be asked for a deposit? If so, how much?
  • What steps must I take if I want to change retail electricity suppliers or return to my current retail electricity supplier?
  • When will my service start?
  • When will I be billed?
  • Does the retail electricity supplier bill me directly or does the utility send a consolidated bill for both supply and delivery charges?
  • What if I miss a payment?  What retail electricity supplier collection activity will occur and when?
  • Am I able to participate in different billing plans, such as budget billing or deferred-payment arrangements?
  • Will I pay a monthly service charge if I use more or less electricity than anticipated in a billing plan?
  • What happens if I am on budget billing now?  Will my credit transfer?
  • Do you accept bill payments online or by phone? Is there a charge for paying by phone?
  • Is there a payment incentive for signing up?
  • Will notices (disconnection, tree-trimming, claims, etc.) continue to be sent to me if the bill is not provided by the utility?
  • What are your customer-service hours and contact phone numbers?