Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for directing statewide inspections of electric distribution and transmission facilities to promote safety and reliability.  Similarly, the Division is also responsible for the inspection of intrastate natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines and intrastate hazardous liquids pipelines.  Engineering professionals evaluate the facilities and operations of public utility companies under the Commission’s jurisdiction and perform electric, gas, and water meter testing and investigations. 

The Division also manages the state’s solar system certification process for the issuance of renewable energy credits and performs technical reviews for the issuance of Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity for new electric generation and transmission facilities.

The Division prepares the results of these analyses in written testimony, recommendations to the Commission, and various reports.  Most of the work is focused on regulation, policy, and reliability related to the provision of electricity. This work entails

  • Ensuring public utilities provide reliable electric service in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR);
  • Analyzing and reporting the performance of utilities according to the service quality and reliability standards outlined in COMAR;
  • Conducting inspections that ensure the utilities’ compliance with operation and maintenance procedures outlined in COMAR;
  • Providing expert analyses and testimony in Commission proceedings;
  • Providing special topical studies requested by the Commission;
  • Participating in work groups established by the Commission;
  • Conducting investigations of reported accidents that involve electric facilities; and
  • Monitoring and reporting restoration activities of electric utilities during major outages.

For information about interconnecting distributed energy systems to Maryland’s electric grid, please click the following link Small Generator Interconnection.