The Switching Process

Changing retail electricity suppliers is the same, whether you are changing from utility supply service to a new retail electricity supplier or from one retail electricity supplier to another. In either case, only the electricity supplier you choose may switch your service.

Step 1: You, as the customer, enter into a contract with the retail electricity supplier of your choice.

Step 2: The retail electricity supplier will notify your utility of your request and the utility will switch you to the retail electricity supplier’s service you selected.

Step 3: You will begin receiving service from your new retail electricity supplier at your next meter-reading date. If your enrollment request is received 12 days or fewer before the actual date of your next meter reading the switch will occur on the subsequent meter-reading date.

You will receive a notice of your enrollment from both your utility and your new retail electricity supplier before the switch occurs.  These notices will confirm your selection of your new retail electricity supplier and the date on which your service will switch, and summarize the new supply option you selected with your new retail electricity supplier.  If these two notices do not match, or if you did not sign up for service with the named retail electricity supplier, you should contact the retail electricity supplier immediately to remedy this issue.

If you leave a retail electricity supplier without selecting a new one, you will be returned to utility-provided supply until you choose a new retail electricity supplier. You always have the ability to return to the utility for electricity supply if you wish.

Learn About Your Options

You can find out about retail electricity supply offers available to you in a variety of ways. You may:

  • Visit the PSC Compare Offers page or call 1-800-492-0474- for more information.
  • Visit the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel Website  or call 1-800-207-4055 for more information.
  • Visit your utility’s website: BGE, Choptank, Delmarva Power, Pepco, Potomac Edison, SMECO.
  • See ads in newspapers or magazines, or hear ads on TV or the radio.
  • Search for available offers on other Internet electricity shopping sites.
  • Receive information in the mail from licensed retail electricity suppliers.
  • Receive a phone call from licensed retail electricity suppliers.
  • Have sales agents representing licensed retail electricity suppliers knock on your door.
  • Watch these videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about energy choice and how to handle interactions with supplier agents.
  • In this video, consumer reporter Mallory Sofastaii, of WMAR-TV/ABC 2 has some great tips on what you should know before choosing an energy supplier.

Choose Your Retail Electricity Supplier
Once you decide what is most important to you (for example: price, contract duration, fixed term or month-to-month, fixed price or variable price,  renewable energy, supplier commitment, etc.) you can choose the retail electricity supplier that has the offer that meets your needs. You can sign up for service by contacting the retail electricity supplier directly by phone or by visiting their website. You can find out how to contact retail electricity suppliers on the PSC’s Supplier Search page.