Renewable Portfolio Standard

Under the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) Program, electricity suppliers are required to meet a renewable energy portfolio standard. This is an annual requirement placed upon Maryland electricity suppliers, which includes competitive suppliers and the electric companies that provide Standard Offer Service. Electricity suppliers file compliance reports with the Commission verifying that the renewable requirement for each entity is satisfied.

For more information, see the latest Renewable Portfolio Standard Report to the General Assembly and other links below.

General Information:

Frequently Asked Questions
RPS Regulations
Description of Documents
2013 Renewable Portfolio Standard Report to the General Assembly
2012 Renewable Portfolio Standard Report to the General Assembly
2011 Renewable Portfolio Standard Report to the General Assembly

Renewable Portfolio Standard Documents (Not Solar):

Offshore Wind
Application for Certification as a Renewable Energy Facility
On-Site and Behind-the-Meter Generation Report
Application for Certification as a Geothermal Renewable Energy Facility
Application for Industrial Process Load Status
Application for Waiver of Compliance Fee – Extreme Economic Hardship
Marketed Renewable Electricity Sales Report
Thermal Biomass Renewable Energy Facility Certificate Application
RPS Supplier Annual Report – Excel (2016 Version)

Renewable Portfolio Standard Documents (Solar):

For more information, please visit the Commission’s Solar RPS Documents page here.

Renewable Portfolio Standard Tools:

Unsold Maryland SRECs
Renewable Energy Credit Supplier Login
Solar RECs Calculator

Renewable Portfolio Standard Links:

US Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
DSIRE – Maryland Incentives/Policies for Renewables & Efficiency

Small Generator Interconnection Documents and Information:

Utility Company Links
Interconnection Feasibility Study Agreement
Interconnection Agreement for Maryland State and Local Government Entities
Maryland Level 1 Interconnection Request Application Form and Contract (Solar, Wind and other)
Maryland Level 1 Interconnection Agreement Change Notice Form
Maryland Level 2, 3 and 4 Interconnection Request Application Form
Maryland Level 2 to 4 Contract Agreement
Maryland Interconnection Application Certificate of Completion
Maryland Public Service Commission Case No. 9060